How to keep mattress topper from sliding at college?

How to keep mattress topper from sliding at college?

There are over 20 million students attending colleges and universities in the US. Around half of students live on campus and around a quarter of those use a mattress pad. This means there are around 2.5 million students in the US using a mattress topper in college dorms. If you go to any “bedding basics for college dorms” website on Google you will see mattress toppers suggested every time. We recommend buying a mattress topper since we know how bad some college mattresses can be. 

Buying a mattress topper solves your issue of your college dorm bed, right? Wrong! Mattress toppers are known for sliding and slipping on your college mattress, causing your sheets to come undone and making your bed uncomfortable to sleep on. If you look up on google “how to keep my mattress pad from sliding” you will see hundreds of hits since this is such a big issue. Not only does your bed slide like crazy all the time, but your fitted sheets literally fall off your bed since the pad will slide them off. This is a super annoying issue that affects a lot of students. There are many ways people try to mitigate this problem but none like the one we’re about to show you:

The Bedly Straps: the first college dorm, specifically designed for college students, accessory made in order to stop your mattress topper from sliding! These straps grab onto your mattress and mattress pad in order to keep them together firmly. They don’t only do that— they are equipped with clips that you clip on to your fitted sheets in order for your sheets to never come undone! How sweet is that! This is the best solution out there for college students, made by college students. Here are some pictures so you can see how this product works. Also here’s an instructional video for your use!


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