Welcome to Bruin Life: Your UCLA Dorm Living Guide

Welcome to Bruin Life: Your UCLA Dorm Living Guide

Welcome to Bruin Life: Your UCLA Dorm Living Guide

Hello, Bruins and future Bruins! Stepping onto the beautiful UCLA campus, with its iconic Royce Hall and bustling Bruin Plaza, marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in your life. Whether you're setting foot in Dykstra Hall, navigating the halls of Hedrick Summit, or making your home in Sproul Cove, this guide is designed to help you thrive in UCLA dorms while giving parents the peace of mind that their students are well-prepared.

For Students: Making Your UCLA Dorm Feel Like Home

Decorate with a Purpose: Personalize your space with touches of home but keep functionality in mind. A UCLA-themed comforter or a wall tapestry can add personality to your room while providing comfort and inspiration.

Essential Tech for Academic Success: Ensure you have the tech essentials covered – a reliable laptop, a versatile printer for those late-night essays, and enough charging stations for all your devices. Remember, Powell Library isn’t just a study spot; it's also a resource for tech emergencies.

Stay Organized: Space is a premium in dorm rooms. Utilize under-bed storage containers and over-the-door organizers to keep your space tidy. This not only helps in keeping stress levels low but also makes your dorm feel more spacious and welcoming.

For Parents: Supporting Your UCLA Student from Afar

Care Packages Done Right: Sending a care package during midterms or finals week can be a great morale booster. Include healthy snacks, Bruin wear for game days, and perhaps a gift card to a favorite Westwood eatery to give them a break from dining hall food.

Encourage Exploration: UCLA’s campus is not just a place for academic pursuit; it's a community brimming with culture and activities. Encourage your student to explore the Fowler Museum, take a stroll through the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden, or join one of the many clubs and organizations that make UCLA unique.

Stay Connected: Regular check-ins via phone or video call can help ease the transition for both you and your student. Set up a weekly call to catch up, offer support, and stay engaged with their college experience.

Making the Most of Your Time at UCLA

Balance Is Key: With the quarter system, time management is crucial. Find a balance between academics, social activities, and personal time. The John Wooden Center offers fitness classes and recreational activities to help you unwind and stay healthy.

Get Involved: UCLA offers countless ways to get involved, from Greek life and student government to volunteer opportunities and intramural sports. Find something that interests you and dive in. It’s a great way to meet new people and make lasting memories.

Explore Los Angeles: UCLA’s prime location in Westwood is just the beginning. The city of Los Angeles offers endless opportunities for cultural exploration, entertainment, and internships. Don’t forget to take advantage of the BruinGo! Transit program for your adventures across the city.

Conclusion: Embracing the Bruin Spirit with a Little Extra Comfort

Dorm life at UCLA is the start of an incredible journey filled with growth, learning, and unforgettable experiences. For students, it’s a vibrant opportunity to immerse yourself in the Bruin community, discover new interests, and forge lasting friendships. For parents, it's about offering support and encouragement from afar, ensuring your student feels prepared and cared for. Together, let’s embrace the UCLA spirit, facing each new challenge with resilience and making the most of this enriching college experience. And remember, for that extra touch of dorm comfort, consider adding Bedly Straps to your college packing list – they're the simple yet ingenious solution to keep your bedding snug and cozy, ensuring restful sleep after a long day of classes or a night out exploring the city. Here's to thriving at UCLA, with a little help from the right places and the right tools, like Bedly Straps, making your dorm feel just like home.

Remember, Bruins, the world is yours to explore, and it all starts right here at UCLA.

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