What to expect when you get to your college dorm?

What to expect when you get to your college dorm?

Every dorm is different, I know that; but what I’ve found out is that most dorms have more things in common than things that don't. I’ve spoken to many different students at different universities, so I’ve learned what is most common in dorms and I’ll share that with you. I’ll also share some tips on how to make your dorm more comfortable.

  1. Bed Frame & Twin XL size Mattress: everyone gets a bed, that’s pretty obvious. What isn’t obvious to most is the height of the bed. My bed in college, and most college beds are 4 ft high and you can also adjust the bed to go even higher. This means most people will have to jump to get in their bed. You can either live with that, or I’ve seen a lot of students buy a 2 step ladder to get on their bed— up to you.
  2. Roommates: most people go to college without knowing anyone, and that’s ok. You will most likely have a roommate you don’t know during your first year. If you don’t want this to happen, there are always freshmen Facebook pages for your specific university. You should join that page and try to find a roommate there. That’s how I found my roommate my first year and I highly recommend that. 
  3. Cabinets and Desk with drawers: You’ll have a small desk and a few cabinets to put your clothes in. Honestly, I’ve gotten very few complaints about the desks given. They are big enough to put your laptop and a notebook on the side, which is good for most. On a side note I recommend buying a desk lamp for late night studying. For cabinets, you usually only get 3 big cabinets. It will definitely not be enough for all of your clothes and belongings. I recommend going to a store to get extra cabinets. You’ll also get a chair so don’t worry about that. 
  4. Common areas: This varies a lot by college, but most likely you will have a common area with couches and a TV on your floor and a shared bathroom. It might be your first time sharing a bathroom with 30 people, so it might shock you at first.

Here’s a list I made about what you should buy for your dorm. 

Sleep well :)

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