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Top 11 Things You Need For Your College Dorm

Top 11 Things You Need For Your College Dorm
  1. Bed Sheets - A lot of people think Bed Bath & Beyond is the right choice for bed sheets, however we recommend Target, not only for price but also comfort.
  2. Pillow - In terms of pillows we have found one that fits to any resting position. The Nest Easy Memory Foam Pillow. Sure it can be a little pricey, however it is an investment for you to rest better.Β 
  3. Bath Robes - Comfortable robes that are useful year-round to walk around the dorm halls after a relaxing shower.Β 
  4. Laundry Hamper - Do not forget your laundry hamper or else your room will be full of dirty laundry all over the floor leading to a less organized lifestyle.Β 
  5. Desk Lamp - In order to succeed in college, you are going to have to work day and night, so in order not to bother your roommate, use your desk lamp!
  6. Mini Fridge - After looking for the best mini fridges, we have found a very quiet mini fridge (the Midea WHS-65LB1) available on Amazon.
  7. Water Bottle - If you have not been drinking the equivalent of 15 cups of water a day, then we suggest buying a water bottle in order to live a healthier lifestyle.Β 
  8. Coffee Maker - Studying hours are all day every day, we recommend Mr. Coffee Easy Measure from Target for concentration.
  9. Towels - Make sure to get a great plush towel that will be used throughout the year and washed regularly to prevent diseases.
  10. Mattress Pad - In order to be more comfortable in a dorm bed, you will need to purchase a mattress pad.Β 
  11. Bedly Straps - You will not be able to sleep better without your bedly straps. Your mattress pad will fall and so will you if you do not set up your bedly straps on your bed.
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